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somebody call security, there is a 10-year-old kid on stage



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President of Team Chilbong right here 

More SeoHyun & HyoYeon @ MAMA 2013 by HKSONE 4p

 SeoHyun & HyoYeon @ MAMA 2013 by HKSONE 5p

Pany, just kill me….. ouh T__T


If I get one more fucking hate message about Hyoyeon I swear. This isn’t towards everyone, just the haters

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Aigooo my perfecteu bish Yonyeon aiguuuuu

Taengoo you pretty creature you!

Taengoo you pretty creature you!

Samantha Thavasa Jeans Hyoyeon version

RW : Kim Heechul is known for liking Wonder Girl's Sohee
HC : Why are we still talking about this? (Jokingly)
RW : Yes, it's been long but PD said we must put it in.
HC : Ah~~~
RW : 'Although I'm thankful to Kim Heechul, my ideal type is Park Haeil'. Sohee once said something like that
HC : Neh~~~
RW : How did you feel then? Others are also very curious (RW points to PD/writers outside the broadcasting room)
HC : The relationship between us (him and Sohee) isn't love. I know about Sohee when she first debuted, and I like her. I'm close to JYP and other Wonder Girls members. But, it's a feeling I have when I'm active as a celebrity, that I want to treasure (idolize a person) - a shy, young girl on the inside. It's just that feeling. No matter what activity she has, I will treasure (keep) it.
RW : In reality are you close/familiar with her?
HC : Not at all
RW : Ah, not at all?
HC : Mmhmm, yes not at all.
RW : I didn't even know what
HC : I don't want to be very close to her. If I'm too familiar with her, it will ruin the image of her in my mind. I'm afraid that the girl in my heart will change.